Need Ideas For Your Wedding Exit? I Got You!

Sometimes choosing the right exit is hard. Should you even have an exit? Do you have to do one as soon as everyone leaves?

Here are some truths:

No to all of them! If you dont want to have an exit at the end of the night do one during the ceremony. For example, I had a bride and groom give rose petals for their guests to throw as they walked down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Don't like rose petals? You could do lavender, any type of flower petals...anything that is nature friendly.

If you're having an exit during the reception don't think you necessarily have to do it at the very end of the night. A lot of guests leave early. If you're using some type of light, (example: sparklers), you want to have as much light as you can from your guests. I

HIGHLY recommend having a "fake exit". A "fake exit" is when you exit early, (so everyone can be there), and then you go back to the reception and party afterwards. Make sure your DJ makes an announcement stating everyone will return to the dance floor after your fake exit has been completed. That way people will know!

Need some ideas for what to do when you exit?

There's bubbles, lavender, flower petals, sparklers, floating lanterns, glowing balloons, fiber optic wands, streamers, and so much more!