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Carolina Rain Photography Owner


I'm Angela

About Me 

I'm a wife and stay at home mama of three girls. I have lived in Charleston, SC for 11 years In 2012 I went from being a family photographer to 2019 becoming a full time wedding photographer. I enjoy capturing sweet & fun moments during engagement sessions. Photographing snuggles during time together with family. The tears as the groom sees his bride walk down the aisle towards him. All of the small moments are the ones you want to remember and I want to give those to you in pictures.

Owner of Carolina Rain Photography

Where Did Carolina Rain
Come From?

So by now, you've figured out my name is not Carolina Rain. So where exactly did it come from? 


My husband is my high school sweetheart. One evening we went up to my grandparents field and laid on the hood of his Oldsmobile just chatting about out future. At the time it was cloudy and out of no where the bottom dropped. We scrambled to get into his car and by the time we made it inside we were soaked. In that moment we looked at each other and I had never felt more free. After we graduated we went our separate ways and never thought we would see each other again. 7 years passed and we fell in love all over again and married a year later. When I was thinking of name for my business I kept going back to that moment in the car. That exact feeling is what I get every time I photograph my clients. I knew Carolina Rain would be the perfect fit.

Carolina Rain Photography
Carolina Rain Photographer
Carolina Rain Photographer
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