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Hi, Im Angela!

I'm a stay at home mama & a Charleston Wedding And Family photographer. There's nothing I love more than Jesus, sunflowers, my girls, my hubby, music, & boho vibes.
I like to call myself easy going and adventurous. I believe in one day waking up and saying "hey! Let's go on a trip somewhere." With no plan, just the road and the radio. Im always ready for something new. I frequently eat stuffed crust cheese pizza (my fav!) and my guilty pleasure eating is sour-patch kids.

I truly believe that having your picture taken shouldn't be something you don't enjoy. Trust me when I say: You'll have the best time with me and by the time we are through with your session You all will leave with a full heart. I believe in capturing laughter, love, and connection.

I can't wait to capture you!

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