Hey There!

I'm a stay at home mama & a full time wedding/family photographer. There's nothing I love more than Jesus, sunflowers, my girls, my hubby, music, & boho vibes.
I like to call myself easy going and adventurous. I believe in one day waking up and saying "hey! Let's go on a trip somewhere." With no plan, just the road and the radio. Im always ready for something new. I frequently eat stuffed crust cheese pizza (my fav!) and my guilty pleasure eating is sour-patch kids.


I was age 6 when I owned my first camera. It was a Barbie film camera and I took pictures of EVERYTHING, even

my teddy bears. My next camera was a Spice Girls Polaroid. Anyone remember those? I continued to take pictures of all kinds of subject, not realizing that it was something I felt called to do. In 2012 I started my journey of pursuing this passion of mine and in 2018 I realized I was called to become a full-time wedding photographer. Since 2019 I have shot over 150 weddings and I have loved every moment of it. I also love shooting other subjects as well: families, engagements, couples, and of course, my girls. 

What drives me the most? CANDIDS. Those in between moments when you're not looking at the camera. When you're older and you look back at the photographs, you'll see the tiny features in little hands...arms wrapped around you...and other beautiful things you might miss in every day life. I love capturing every bit of details I can get.

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