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Charleston Beach Photographer


Laughter. Intimacy. Fun. Adventure. It makes my heart happy when Im able to capture all of these moments with you. This is for you if you’re looking for photos for an anniversary, engagement, honeymoons, or just because! Pick a location that means something special to you both and let's go there! Also, bring two outfits with you! If all of this sounds like a dream then Im your photographer!


Carolina Rain Photography


Candid is key. Time passes by so fast and next thing you know they're off to college and having families of their owns. Treasure these little moments. Before you arrive to your session think about the things you like to do as a family that makes each other laugh. Think snuggles too. 


Charleston Maternity Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer


You've started the planning process and now you're looking for someone to capture your dream wedding.

What's my style?

Behind-the-scene shots. Candids. Posed.

Why in that order? 

While photographing I want to make sure that you get the most out of everything being as natural as possible. I don't want to constantly interrupt what you're doing by posing you all of the time. My wish is for you to be as relaxed and carefree as possible. Don't worry, if I do happen to miss a shot I will ask for a replay. I think space is very important, but I also believe in capturing every sweet moment that I can.

Starting at $2,000

Carolina Rain Photography
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